Friday, December 19, 2008


The chart at the bottom of this post should answer questions we've received regarding the throw/effective distance of the C2-K. The C2-K, represented by the blue line in the chart below, carries enough intensity to maintain a throw distance within very near range of our two H (High Power) model lights. To the naked eye the throw distance differential is not discernable. In fact, the widened beam angle and reduced falloff combined with more natural light color will allow for better visual acuity on the trail. We've also included below shots showing beam pattern, color, and intensity to better illustrate the C2-K's superior beam color and pattern. You can also see the MTBR Pro reviews for backyard shots that show the C2-K as compared to other LED lights available. We think you'll like what you can see with the C2-K.

2x the full width half maximum of our C2.1H Model
In plain speak we've doubled the width of the beam with considerable more graduated falloff so the trail is flooded with warm daylight like light from LED's that are not over driven.





schlaca laca laca laca said...

I love the scientific approach about the beam comparisons... So, for those who are considering this light, or an upgrade to the C2-K from the C2.1H, you might be wondering: is it really worth it? The answer, IMHO is YES! YES! YES! 1000 times, YES! I've been night riding mountain bikes since about 1991. My first light was a Nightsun (the classic dual-beam model with NiCad battery). Since then, I've owned various lights from Nightrider and Light and Motion, and recently BRLights. I started with the C2.1, then upgraded to the C2.1H, and most recently to the C2-K. The C2.1 was hands-down the best light I've ever owned - simple-but-effective mount was great, brightness was on-par with any other lights I'd owned, light-weight unit was fantastic, light color and pattern rocked, fast charger rocked, no wires/self-contained unit REALLY rocked, battery life and level indicator REALLY REALLY REALLY rocked. Each upgrade to the C2 has only improved apon that. Now with 1000 Lumens, and the wide beam pattern of the C2-K, I simply can't imagine a better light. This thing is BRIGHT. I know he's showing the intensity at the very center of the beam is slightly less than the C2.1H, but on the trail I don't notice this. It just floods the trail with light - as far as you typically look. The color is still a really nice white - not blue-ish like my current helmet mount HID light, or yellow-ish like my older halogen lights. But, the cool thing about the coloring, is that if you're only buying one BRLight, you can combine it with a halogen or HID light, and the transition from looking at one beam to the other isn't hard on the eyes. I say this because at one time I had a halogen bar mount, and a HID helmet mount, and the transition from looking at the yellow-ish light (straight ahead), and the blue-ish light (around corners) SUCKED! Of course, I think now the ultimate setup would be two LED lights, for someone looking for a complete setup...