Saturday, November 22, 2008

C2-K 1000 Lumen Lights in Production!

The C2-K 1000 lumen lights are now in production, and the first production units will be ready to ship November 25, 2008. Orders placed after November 23 will be shipped following the Thanksgiving holiday.

This weekend we are shooting the beam pattern, and will hopefully have those and some run time charts up on the blog and the site by Monday. Until then, here is sneak peak of few bodies on the bench in QC.

These things are so bright, and allow for amazing depth perception. I can't wait to upgrade my C2-E to one of these hotties! It's always customers first around here though, so I won't get my chance at an upgrade till later.

What upgrade? The upgrade you can get if you have a C2 unit already! Yup, we want our customers to have the best available technology without laying down the mula for a whole new light every time something new is available. The upgrade is just $100, and the upgrade is easy. Just contact us and return your light for a sweet upgrade to 800-1000 lumens (depending on your C2 unit) and get your light back in just 10 days! The upgrade is available for all C2 units nomatter how old!

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